We have found these resources to be helpful as people try to understand the 3D Printing Industry.

Trade Association:

Association of 3D Printing is the premier trade association in the industry.

Video Channels:

3D Printing Channel is the premier source of video news and developments in 3D Printing.

A Fun 3D Printing Video Channel is found on youtube

Radio Shows/Podcasts:

Podcasts: (Each can be found for free in the ITunes store and on Stitcher):

3D Printing Podcast presents the 3d printing industry with a touch of humor.

3D Printing Voice is a more serious, interview series with 3D Printing companies.

Directory of 3D Printing Companies Site:

3D Printing Central is the best directory of 3D Printing firms.

Venture Capital and 3D Printing Start-Ups:

3D Printing Ventures is the largest VC and funding site for 3D Printing Start-Ups.

3D Printing Incubator is the largest business incubator for 3D Printing ideas and Start-Ups.

Public Relations:

3D Printing PR Firm is the largest public relations firm in the 3D Printing Industry.

A Site Explaining Bioprinting:

Bioprinting World is the leading site on bioprinting, human tissue engineering and medical uses of 3D printing.

3D Printing Book Sites:

How to 3D Print Money is the best selling book in the 3D Printing Industry.

Amazon 3D Printing Book Store

Wikipedia Sites Explaining 3D Printing and 3D Scanning:

3D Scanning Explanation

3D Printing Explanation

Bioprinting Explanation on human tissue engineering and medical applications of 3d printing

Stores and Market Places for 3D Printing:

3D Printer Store

3D Printing Supplies Store

3D Scanner Store

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